Pelka and Rob WIltshire

2777 Lacon Rd: This dramatic oceanfront Westcoast home and garden are labours of love. Rob and Pelka designed the timber frame home. Rob and carpenter, Steve Lance, built much of it partnering with Island Timberframe to realize the timber structure. The wood work, in particular shows meticulous attention to detail. Both the studio and the house integrate double-walled construction, thick insulation, and radiant in-floor heating throughout to keep everything cozy while minimizing the ecological footprint. Outside, native plants, grasses, mixed with perennials lend an exuberant and colourful, cottage-garden feel, along with a small kitchen garden. Speaking of colour, be sure to visit the art studio (it served as their home until the main house was built), to appreciate Pelka's beautiful mixed-media art.
Where's the Wetland? Pelka and Rob introduced a pond a few years ago, and have been delighted at how this modest water feature has transformed the ecology, attracting birds, frogs, and other small critters.


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