Maresia - Mike and Selinda White

6225 Lacon Rd: Maresia means 'scent of the ocean' in Portuguese, a reference to Selinda’s roots. Here you will see a variety of vegetable and herb gardens, an orchard with everything from apple trees, to quince and mulberry, as well as a chicken coop and rabbit hutches. The whole property is covered in flowering plants, many put in by the original owner Jo Hepburn, a master gardener from Van Dusen Gardens, and many more added in the past fifteen years since Mike and Selinda started tending the land. In the upper garden, Selinda's unique art pieces nestle amidst beautiful drought-tolerant plants, with dozens pon dozens of mosaic stepping stones meandering through. The beautiful, timber-framed, light-filled house, designed by Mike, is perched on a ridge overlooking Baynes Sound, and is full of interesting antique pieces and a diverse art collection. Below the ridge, at the lower level (accessible from the upper level either by steps down or by driving down and entering by one of two gates), is the productive veggie garden, orchard and meadow (available for picnics), which supplies most of the family's needs throughout the year.

Where's the Wetland? A seasonal stream runs through the lower garden.


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