Corlan Vineyard - Pat and Selwyn Jones

8441 MacFarlane Road This property was a forest thirteen years ago when Pat and Selwyn bought it with true pioneering spirit. Now it is Denman's only certified organic vineyard.  They are most passionate about the grapes as they are ever changing, through pruning in winter to bud break to fruiting. The grapes are also the reason for their 'picking parties' in the fall, an excuse to put on a big harvest meal to thank their hard working friends and neighbours. Although the grapes take the starring role the couple also produces an abundance of food and sell their seedlings at the local farmers market. They have heritage Clun Forest Sheep which provide organic manure and a very picturesque scene. New this year, Pat and Selwyn are opening their home - originally built as an octagon, the second floor still showcased remarkable 360 views. The addition has been finished with woodwork from trees milled on the property, and stonework, beautifully installed by a fellow island farmer. Also new this year, the tasting lounge will have light lunches available, in addition to samples of their feature product(s).

Accessibility: Winery, tasting room, and parts of property are wheelchair accessible.


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