David and Joan Scruton

6951 Denman Rd: Step through the breezeway into the inner courtyard of this beautiful owner-designed home to discover a happy, working farm and gardens that have matured beautifully over the past 20 years. The 180’ curved pergola with grapes, clematis, and roses encircles an active outdoor aviary filled with cockatiels. Wander through rich and highly productive vegetable beds and covered berry garden. Stroll into the wonderful refurbished heritage barn and see all the well loved animals, horses (of all shapes and sizes), goats, chickens and dogs. Adding to the green credentials of this farm is the recently added 34 panel grid-tie solar array provides power without the carbon footprint.
The fully-tooled furniture workshop is a carpenter’s delight. Look for evidence of this 50-year hobby in the exquisite c.1720-2000 furniture David has made throughout the house.


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