Leyah Kelly

2769 Northwest Rd: Behind asian-inspired gates, Leyah's home suggests simple serenity. Her garden is one of eastern restraint, with a subdued colour pallette and a focus on beautiful foliage. Her home - originally designed by a local architect to be constructed in sections that could be converted into a series of smaller studios - had fallen to near ruins when she purchased it 20 years ago. With patience and considerable elbow grease, she transformed it into a cozy, open plan home, filled with local art and island touches. Be sure to check out Leyah's massage studio, adjoining the home - it is everything a relaxation space should be.

Where's the Wetland? A good portion of Leyah's property would qualify as a wetland. Although the area immediately around her house and garden had to be drained for practical reasons, much remains along the edges of the forest.

Accessibility: Single story home


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