Central Park

photo credit: Erika Bland

Central Park is the anchor for a 7 km contiguous park experience. With 147 acres of healthy re-generating Coastal Fir type forest - one of the most threatened ecosystems in Canada – its protection is significant.

Purchased by Denman Conservancy Association in 2006, it has proven to provide an easily accessible and varied selection of walking, biking and horse-riding options. Wetlands take up about 15% of the park with their own mini ecosystems. The name “Central Park” represents its island location and its contribution to the larger extended parkland system, about 800 acres (see map) which is comparable to New York City’s “Central Park”.

We encourage you to explore some of the many trails today or whenever you have more time.

Where's the Wetland? Where ISN'T there a wetland? Marshes, sloughs, and bogs abound.

Accessibility: Informational display about the Denman Conservancy and Central Park at roadside, trails throughout the park are easy-to-moderate.

photo credit: Tynan Phillips


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